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I'm a writer, an educator, and a life-liver. My collection THE SUBTLE DANCE OF IMPULSE AND LIGHT is forthcoming (spring 2013).

This Blog Has Moved

I have migrated it to my own website, Join me there, and feel free to follow the blog, like the site, share it through Facebook or Twitter or Tumblr or whatever, and generally hang out. Advertisements

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The Book Has Arrived! #SubtleDance #Fiction

The Subtle Dance of Impulse and Light, my short story collection, has been published by Ink Brush Press. You can buy it from Amazon here:

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A Garden Where the Sun Always Shines: Regarding Shauna

In his obtuse, frustrating, beautiful poem “The Hollow Men,” T.S. Eliot writes, “Life is very long.” That idea goes against what most of us have heard—that life is short, that we must make the most of every day, that every … Continue reading

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Puppy Love #creativenonfiction

Puppy Love             Recently on Facebook and Twitter, I stated that those who say they wouldn’t change a thing about their pasts are either lying or overly stubborn. I caught some flack for that claim. One of my friends misunderstood; … Continue reading

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Returning with …

Returning with Some Random Thoughts So I guess I should start out with an apology for not updating this blog over the last three or four months. Last semester got really crazy and pretty much stayed that way, and then … Continue reading

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An Update on the Lack of Updates #busy #seekingcomicartist

I know it’s been forever since I’ve posted on here; it’s been a crazy semester, and I’m behind on ALL my writing. I would like to say that I’m currently seeking an artist to work on spec on a comic … Continue reading

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Sample Pages from a Comic Script #seekingartist

PAGE ONE (6 panels)  Panel 1. ANew Orleanscity street. Nighttime, rainy and overcast. In the intermittent glare of streetlights, we see the shadowed bulks of cars resting against the curb.  CAP: New Orleans, sometime afterward.  Panel 2. Same view. Headlights … Continue reading

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NEVERMIND as Cultural Bomb

If You Ask Me Nirvana’s Nevermind as Cultural Bomb             I suppose every generation has at least one do-you-remember-where-you-were-when-it-happened event. Some are Earth-, or at least nation-, shattering: the storming of the Bastille, the assassination of the Archduke Ferdinand, the … Continue reading

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Bodily Changes and Other Minor Tragedies

Has Anybody Seen My Teeth? 5 Bodily Changes and Other Minor Tragedies             If you’re a fan of pretty much any professional sport outside of golf or bowling, you’ve probably heard announcers lamenting the increasing age and declining skills of … Continue reading

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Catch-Up: Random Thoughts #nonfiction

Catch-Up: Random Thoughts about Events and People in the News             So thanks to the end of the semester, I haven’t written anything here in nearly two weeks. In that time, lots of things have happened—some incredibly important, some less … Continue reading

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